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I would like to take this opportunity to
acknowledge  the many graphic design artists who
have with their generosity made their artwork
available to all
The generosity of these   featured  artists
and their magnificient artwork,  so very precious ,
is presented to you with various effects
My fervent pray is, that I do justice to their artists skills.

Without their skill you would not be
viewing so many wonderful sites, wonderful w ebsets,
truly a wonder to behold,
Many thanks

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Many thanks to all,especially
"Moon and Back Graphics"
featured on many pages.,
also DDesigns,  Swt Melodi,
and many others you find
featured on this site.

Please visit these sites
which are most creative and beautiful,
and have  so very much to offer

I hope that you like what
you see and that the images
represented here will give
you a sense of peace and harmony,

so that you will return to visit often.
Many poets, artists, compilers have joined me
in making this site.
I sincerely thank you all

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Webmistress SCM

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