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Aboriginal Culture

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Aborigines became hunters and gatherers, forming numerous communities. They did not develop the use of the written word, instead using dance, song, story telling and rock art to pass on important information from generation to generation. Everything that would have been essential to their survival and way of life would have been passed on in this manner.
Over the many generations of their existence in Australia, they have developed a very unique understanding of the land and how best to acquire necessary food and water sources from it, whilst at the same time preserving it for future generations.
Aborigines feared for their land and families, and of course, the gulf between the two cultures was very difficult to bridge, leading to a great deal of misunderstanding and mistrust on both sides. Estimates state that roughly 20,000 Aborigines and 2,000 Europeans died in these early clashes.
The other factor which had a major impact on the life expectancy of the Aborigines was the many European diseases which were introduced, to which the Aborigines had no natural immunity.

Various Christian groups sought to convert the Aborigines, and missions were established. Gradually, European ways - including religion - began to seep into the Aboriginal culture, which in turn affected their traditional ways.

Legislation was introduced in some parts of Australia
Whilst there have been advances in the treatment of Aborigines in numerous areas, they still have not really attained equality with white members of the population.

This is clearly seen in statistics like those indicating life expectancy, which highlight the fact that Aborigines have a life expectancy well below that of other Australians. They are also less educated, and about four times as likely to be unemployed.

There is an immense amount to be learned from communicating and sharing of philosophies and knowledge.

Australias Indigenous peoples are the first people of this land, and their Law was the first law. The Anglo system is imported and imposed without their consent.

Their original homelands, which other Australians now live on and take the benefits of, were taken, their people murdered, families dispersed and cultures nearly destroyed by white occupation.

As a group, they still suffer by far the most of any Australians.

Mortality, disease and imprisonment rates, housing, educational and work opportunities are just some of the areas where they are severely disadvantaged.

Rights to land are fundamental human rights

Reconciliation is an essential part of the Australia's future.
When dealing with Aboriginal peoples, even those living in urban areas, having some knowledge of their cultural heritage shows basic respect, and is vital to effective communication and proper understanding of the legal case.

Everyone has the right to own land, our Aborigines more so than anyone else as they are the pioneers and guardians of Australia.
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