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My Country & Heritage
This is my ancestry of which I am very proud
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n retrospect as I wander through the annals of history, language, customs, traditions, folkloric dancing, art, and the glorious music which dates back to an era where time stood still, I can but marvel at a nation that has withstood the winds of time, who with diligence, self sacrifice and many hardships have rebuild their country, after numberous wars, a feat not easily achieved, but they have done so, in unity with Slovenians living abroad.
Never losing sight of their priceless yet so very fragile heritage, a God given right to practise what their forefathers have handed down, generation after generation.
Slovenians, living at home and abroad have retained their language, culture, traditions and placed them on show , for the World to see.

An achievement deserving merit indeed!

Slovenia, a country half the size of Switzerland tucked into a mountainous corner between Austria, Italy, Hungary, Croatia and the Adriatic Sea, with its majestic Alps and their glacial valleys, rivers, and lakes, with its forests, mysterious karst caves, and of course, the Adriatic Sea, makes for interesting living standards and a culture steeped in a long history takes one back to ancient days.
It is a mixture of the old and new, the breath-taking views of the underground world of grottoes; and one's breath is taken away by the beauty of Triglav, the highest mountain  in Slovenia; whilst the climb to the peaks of the Julian Alps is stunning, one can but admire and marvel at the beauty off it all.


The contrast of Slovenia's landscape surprises all, be they visitors or folks revisiting their home town,.

Peaceful and quiet, Slovenia's population of two million are an integrated society. Nearly 90 percent are Slovene and about 10 percent are Italian, Hungarian, or nationalities from the former Yugoslav republics.

Most Slovenes speak English, German, or Italian as their second language and some speak other languages as well. It is inbreed in them to be well versed in languages.

Ljubljana, Slovenia's attractive medieval capital, is very cosmopolitan.

The city is dominated by an ancient castle and adorned with baroque churches and classical public buildings. The city has an attractive artistic life, especially in the domain of the performing arts; an international festival is held every summer.

One of them being the "kmetcha Hochzeit," where couples from around the world come together to be married in a style so very unique to Slovenia itself.

The  "Kmetcha Hochzeit" - "the peasant wedding" is an annual event,, where couples have to prove they are well prepared for a lifetime commitment. It is something that has to be seen to be believed.

Discover Slovenia for yourself, the most beautiful country on the sunny side of the Alps, and I lay claim to this wonderful heritage, a culture rich pure and so very strong in every Slovenian  no matter where they may have roamed.

Slovenia of today is a far cry from the war torn country that it was whilst I resided there.
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