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Land of Dreams & Hope
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All nations have a particular flower which would symbolize their civilization and their existence.

The lotus flower is believed to be a primordial substance in the creation of the world and is therefore a sacred flower.

In Assyria the lily was a sign of their kingdom, in Greece, the Greeks revered the violet, in Rome, the Romans the rose.

In Australia, the wattle and waratah.

Slovenians chose the humble carnation for it's beautiful perfume,  the scent can fill a room, or whilst out walking through the hillside,which is adorned with carnations the perfume is divine, blooming in the most way out places, thus it was also a flower of hope.

In the 16th century a red stylized carnation appeared in the Slovenian popular ornament. Since the baroque age it has appeared repeatedly.

In the last century, when that ornament reached a perfection in its artistic expression, the carnation became the most significant ornamental component. In all kinds of embroidery, wood crafts are used etc, albeit it is always in red, combinated with the blue enzian, its design quite intriguing.

Slovenian customs find that there was no shortage of its use. Even today the red carnation represents charity and love. A corsage made of the humble carnation, rosemary and greenery meant love, fidelity and hope.

This corsage has been praised in the Slovenian songs and used in popular customs. It was also given to young men leaving for recruitment into the army, the girls fastened it on the boy´s lapel.

There are many love songs written depicting the above. In the alpine areas, the carnation adorns the window sills, and on balconies the carnations are placed into pots,so the carnation is much revered.

Slovenia land of "Flowers and dreams", where even the most humble peasant house is adorned with the carnation. Slovenian women compete in ornamenting their homes. Another flower much treasured is the enzian which is a blue shaped flower, the blue represents the bridegroom, whilst the white carnation is the symbol of the bride.

The carnation in form of tendrils with bunches are often depicted on various pieces of Slovenian home­furniture. Among these, the cradle is one of the most typical works. It often has the Virgin Mary´s image or letters IHS with a carnation ornament. This symbolically means love to the child, a gift of God.

On the other hand the carnation pictures on a linen­box shows the beauty as well as the richness of the bride´s home. Further on it appears also as a trimming on the girl´s dresses, especially on their coifs and kerchiefs , especially on the National Customes.

Planika (edelweis) I assume this is the most famous of all flowering alpine plants in Slovenia. History plays an important role in our lives.

"Our children understand their responsibility to care for what our ancestors left us, a glorious heritage to be proud of.

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Slovenia's beautiful flower
its scent so divine
air filled with pure nectar
with the rosemary entwined
It is the emblem of our Nation
whose hearts beat very strong
paying homage to our homeland
as our gift of love
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