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Featuring a New Artist
*Barbara Jeffries Taylor*


Many thanks Barbara for granting permission 
to use 
your wonderful work of art
Artist's Wonderland


The generosity of the artists featured and their magnificent art is presented to you with various effects is very precious,
my fervent pray is that I do these special Artists justice.

Many Java compilers have consented to the usage of their various Applets, without the artists and the compilers generosity in making them available to us all, you would not be viewing some wonderful sites.

Many thanks to all.

I hope that you like what you see and that the images represented here will give you a sense of peace and beauty

Thank you so much for visiting my site which was created with the assistance of a friend whose skills in web design astound me.
He also gave me the courage to build this site

Many thanks Andy.
Please visit Andrew site
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