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Johnaton Earl Bowser

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Canadian born artist "Johnathon Earl Bowser," began drawing at the age of 8 and graduated from the Alberta College of Arts in 1984 with honors. ( on the President's Honor Roll )and is world reknowned, for his original paintings adorn many public and private collections across North America, Europe, and Asia - including the government collections of China and Taiwan.

Johnathon believes that Mythology ( both spiritual belief, and psychological preparation for life ) must be recognized as the essential, timelessly enduring soul of our modern, hyper-dynamic, technology-driven world.

Hidden deep within all our myriad spiritual faiths is one grand and immutable biography of humanity; and therein lies both the origins and destiny of Life and Consciousness in the cosmos.
(Excerpt from Artists Biography )

His work displays such detail and depth that one can lose oneself in the beauty of Johnaton's "Mythic Naturalism". I found myself mermerized by the quality of such splenduer. Most of all I wish to convey my sincere gratitude to Johnathon for granting permission to use his magnificent works of art.
The index as well as the Artist's Index both are stunning pieces of Art, which you shall see in their full glory on their page.

Without further ado I shall present you with Johnathon's work hoping that I have done justice with the various effects. I have placed a link to Jonathon's site for you to peruse at your leisure knowing you shall enjoy his art as I did..

Johnathon's site is a must for all lovers of art.



Many thanks Mr Bowser for granting permission to use your graphics.
Many thanks Andy, your help and support are priceless.


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Alcsnow  used to create  -Snow effect .
Water Effect created with Dolf van der Schaar's Waterr.Effect
Lake effect created using David Griffiths Lake Effect  




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