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Ivan Cankar
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Slovenia's most prolific writer
Ivan Cankar (1876-1918)
Slovenia's most prolific and known writer as the "Master of the written word" was born the eight child of a poor family. His father deserted the family and his mother undertook the care of the children by working for the neighbouring farmers.

Benefactors (sponsors)enabled Ivan to study and attend Universities in Ljubljana and later in Vienna. He became the first Slovenian professional writer and was also very interested in politics.

He was a good portrayer and a merciless critic of Slovenian life, He was also a good poet, but his best writing was in short stories and dramas.
He published nine collections of short stories. (Za krizom) Behind the Cross is a selection of short stories based on the unjust social environment with children dying from hunger.

Ivan Cankar's main works are ( Na Clancu - Moje Zivljenje- My Life, Martin Kacur, -Hlapec Jerney- Servant Jerney.  Cankar's dramatic works include satirical comedies which portrays and ridicules the Slovenian Bourgeoisie that speaks of the prosperity of the nation, but cares only for itself.

Ivan Cankar in spite of his intelligence and total selfless devotion to Slovenia, was disadvantaged and disregarded by his people, his work considered to be unworthy by the critics of that era. Although his books were severely censored they were published unchanged.

His works have been translated into many languages including Chinese.

Cankar's morals and ideals were and are to be respected as are the messages conveyed in these three little words.


Mother          Mati
Homeland     Domovina
God               Bog
Ivan Cankar was very religious who dearly loved his homeland and above all loved his mother.
How wisely our predecessors chose our namesake -- to remind us of all three

To the many who left their homeland and their families to migrate to Australia, the person most sorely missed is of course -


The homesickness of countless others who cannot afford the luxury of a return visit, memories  forever remain of our beautiful :


In gratitude for a peaceful existence in Australia thankfulness and praise  are given to our creator:


Anton Zupancic's autobiography shall be the next  to be added.

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